Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Billy Joe Show at the Swedish Club in Seattle * Friday March 23rd 7:30 - 10:30 Dance Joy !

  • The Billy Joe Show at the Swedish Club! 

    Suggested donation $10
     · Hosted by Delicious Dance
    Friday, March 23 at 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM

    Swedish Club
    1920 Dexter Ave N, Seattle, Washington 98109

    Swing to the rockabilly groove of the Billy Joe Show! Fans    of the Dusty 45's know we're in for a joy fest, PLUS Mark and I are celebrating paying off our house - so you're invited to donate $10 for the band AND if you like, also help us raise money for DESC, the Downtown Emergency Services Center. These folks provide housing and help for our homeless brothers and sisters. We're raising funds specifically for their "Move-in" funds, providing household needs for previously homeless folks as they move into secure housing.  
    Thanks for being part of this beautiful, generous dance community !

    This event is all ages. There will also be a separate bar area.

    Note: there'll be plenty of room to dance - we'll be upstairs at the Swedish, with a fabulous view of Lake Union.  Most of the floor has a smooth, low pile carpet, plus there'll be a small wooded dance floor. Bring your smoothest dance shoes. 

    Sure hope to see you there!  xox Margot and Mark

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dancing Til Dusk in Downtown Seattle, Summer 2016

in Downtown Seattle
Wonderful music, mostly performed live, friendly dancers, free lessons, and beautiful settings where passerbys and enjoy watching or jump in to join the fun! 
You become a joyful part of our downtown scene. 
Click on the link to get the full scoop. 
And if possible, carpool or take a bus - parking is expensive, and carpooling is fun

14 Nights of Free Lessons

Dancing in
Seattle's Downtown City Parks!

Summertime Swing! NW Solar Fest in Shoreline, Saturday July 23 12:30 - 2 pm

Today's the day for the annual NW Solar Fest, at Shoreline Community College

Saturday July 23, 10 am to 5 pm 

Mark and I will be teaching a High Joy, Low Carbon Swing lesson  for beginners
followed by dancing and dj'd music,
and we'd love to have experienced dancers join us in bringing more converts into our beloved dance community. 

Swing dance lesson:  12:30 - 1 pm
Swing dancing:  1- 2 pm

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dancing at Folklife 2016, Seattle Center over Memorial Day Weekend! Meet the world's cultures one dance at a time

Dear dance friends,

Ah, the wild, magical and chaotic beauty of Folklife!  Where else can you dance nearly every kind of dance you can imagine, all for the cost of a daily donation? ($10 per day requested, pay as you can) .

 Mark and I are looking forward to seeing many many friends, and making new acquaintances, at Seattle Center this weekend.  Since it can be overwhelming as well, here's a condensed schedule for familiar partner dances + a couple performances featuring friends (like us!  and Left Foot Boogi-ers). 
Savoy Swing Performance Troupe at Folklife 2015.  Photo by Laura Livingston, use with permission
All the items in red are dances / events we're counting on attending, with this caveat:  I leave room in my plans for serendipitous discoveries, intuitive diversions, and generally being led astray by happy interactions that can never be anticipated.  Maybe you'll find yourself dancing with a stranger and the chemistry is too good to leave until the end of that set.... or you find a string band doing improv with an opera singer... or you slide into a seat at one of the theaters and become mesmerized by the experimental film you're watching... or the sea shanties being sung in the beer garden are as intoxicating as your stout!  

Here's one of my strategies for enjoying Folklife:  after I've already used my earplugs well while beating a drum in the rhythm circle, and joined an impromptu parade, and danced my socks off, I migrate over to the Back Porch Stage, (map on pg. 24 of the program guide) also known as the Northwest Court area.  This is the home of wonderful indie + traditional acoustic music, with room to dance on the concrete plus visual arts and the crafts booths nearby.  

Lastly, PLEASE consider going green, as green as you can, this year. This is the microcosm of the world in it's finest light; let's bring our best, too.  Some ideas:  

Getting there:  carpool down, take Metro or enjoy a special deal from Folklife for trying Lyft, an Uber-like service; click here for more details:  Folklife transportation and parking
Bring Your Own: reusable drink / coffee cup, plasticware, cloth napkin, snacks (fun to share, and cheaper than buying all your food there, although who can resist a good foodcourt, or the annual elephant ear :) , and ground cloth for sitting on wet grass.  I bring a backpack and check it at the Roadhouse, or loop it around a chair leg.  Umbrella, too... looks like a good chance of some rain. 

Enjoy!  xox Margot

The Participatory Folklife Dance Schedule
Folklife is an amazing experience of music and dance over Memorial Day weekend. Here is the   dance schedule!  (click this link for more details at the 2016 NW Folklife site! ). 
Note :  Contra dance is a lot of fun, and it's the most popular dance form at Folklife.  Give it a whirl!  Basically any time you're at Fisher Pavilion / Roadhouse between other forms of dance, it'll be Contra dance time.  It's like Square dance, with a caller, but takes many forms and uses a wide variety of moves / patterns.... it's also a bit like riding a bumper car without a steering wheel, if it's your first time; embrace the chaos! 
Friday May 27
Armory Court: 
3 High School Jazz/Swing Bands 3:30–6 pm
3 Blues/ Swing Bands 7–9:45 pm  (lesson w Ari Levitt at 7:45 - 8)
Fisher Roadhouse (Pavilion ) : 
Two Cajun /Zydeco Bands 8–10 pm
Contra 11 am-8 pm
Fountain Lawn Stage: 
Blues 4:30-5:45
Saturday May 28 
Armory Court
Hula showcase and lesson 2 - 2:45 pm
3 Tango Bands 3-6 PM
Fisher Roadhouse: 
6-8pm  Jazz age partner dance / Swing dance  
    Jodi + Dean Patton teach One Step from 6:50 - 7 pm
Contra 11-1,   3-5   &  8-10 pm
Armory Loft: Dance Workshops all day
* Intiman Theater ?:  Annual Performer's Party (check in at Hospitality upstairs in the Armory to find out details, if you're performing - one year, this was the highlight of our weekend! )
Sunday May 29 
Fountain lawn    12-2pm  Zydeco
Fisher Roadhouse  1-3 pm  Western Swing 
1:40 pm  Left Foot  Boogie Swing performance troupe 
2- 2:45  check out Wylie & The Wild West, highly recommended!  
3-5pm  Cajun and  Zydeco  (lesson w MaryLee Lykes! at 3:50 )
8-10pm Waltz
8:40pm  Left Foot Boogie  Waltz performance troupe 
Monday May 30 
Armory Court: 
11-1pm  Cajun and  Zydeco
3-5pm  Swing
3 and 4pm   Savoy Swing Performance Group  (This is our troupe! and there's a Swing lesson, too  from 4 - 4:15) 
6-9pm  Salsa
Coastal Jam and Traditional Powwow, Sunday and Monday at Folklife

Thanks for a great year! See you at Folklife 2016!

Thanks everyone who came out to Namaste Yoga Studio to take lessons with us and share your vibrant spirit with us!  Let's meet up at Folklife and dance our socks off, enjoying the world's culture and every kind of dance you can imagine! 

Affectionately, Margot and Mark
  D e l i c i o u s   D a n c e

Thanks to our good friend Heber Farnsworth, for these wonderful photos from class! 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

This Tuesday, May 17th, we'll teach our final spring lesson at Namaste Yoga Studio!  Jump in and celebrate with us:
Swing 1 : A special half hour intro lesson, from 7 - 7:30.  A $5 donation is requested; free if you can't afford that.  
* Swing 2 friends can come for free, to reinforce your basics and welcome new dancers

Swing 2 :  New and review moves for our Vintage Swing series, 7:30-8:30
Drop in:  $12

Afterward, anybody who's interested can go out with us for a little refreshment and socializing at a the Easy Monkey Taphouse, a great neighborhood venue that JUST opened up their Tuesday evenings!  Open till 10, so we'll bust out of the dance studio and head right over; EMT is just down 15th at:
See your beautiful self shining on the dance floor!
xox Margot 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Swingin' Through Spring ! New Swing dance classes for beginners + Intermediate level, May 3, 10, 17 2016

S w i n g i n'   through   S p r i n g !

New Swing classes for May, Beginning and Intermediate levels

Swing 1 from 8:30 - 9:30 pm * Everything you need to get out on the dance floor, including fundamental moves + connection.  
This is a great opportunity for brand new dancers to get rolling, just as the wonderful season of outdoor dancing and weddings begins, so if you know somebody ready to begin, send 'em our way!
Also great for learning the opposite role, switching Lead or Follow.

Swing 2 from 7:30 - 8:30 pm * Snappy new moves + combinations, more musicality, more fun! 
With a core group of friendly dancers and room for you!  

$33 / 3 week session or $12 drop in

Location: Namaste Yoga Studio 18021 15th Ave NE, Suite 101 Shoreline (in North City, in the Evergreen building, lots of free parking. Located just south of St. Mark's church).

Happy dancing, xox Margot + Mark 

You can reach us at  206-913-3962   and